I specialise in video production & interactive digital design.

I’m currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, but I would like to consider myself to have a wanderlust. If I’m not expanding and creating as I go, I’m not happy.

I create videos that I would want to watch. Videos that make you feel something deep down in your little bones and stick in your head for days and days.

I currently work as an agency designer. My expertise spans digital design for web & app, UX and UI design and print (love a bit of old school).

I love bitter Scottish craft beer, strong black coffee and heavy as hell Death Metal. If you would like to work with a guy like me, I’m always keen for a chat.



Camera operator

I have directed both myself and film crews using DLSRs for 3 years (and counting!).

Video editing

My work is edited in Premiere Pro and finished in After Effects.

Web design

I currently work at Spriing Digital Media as a front-end digital designer.

Mobile design

I also handle responsive and app design for iOS and Android at Spriing.


I've worked with a variety of different clients and enabled them to promote their brand.

UI/UX Design

At Spriing, I've been handling intricate user experiences to enrich mobile apps and desktop experiences.


Here are some pretty pointless (and in no way exaggerated) facts about me. Get to know me a little better – I’m a pretty okay dude once you get to know me.
  • Daily Flat White intake 21
  • Hours spent in Skyrim 507
  • Times watched Episode V 291
  • Times shaved this year 1


Get in touch if you’re wanting to discuss any upcoming projects. I love working with new people and helping them unlock the big chunk of brilliance that’s locked away in their head.

If you find yourself in my neck of the woods, you can find me sitting too close to my computer screen teaching myself something new at the address below. Drop in and say “you’re sitting too close dude”.

mail3  Email: hello@dmccourt.com

phone1  Phone: (+44) 07429405211

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